William Stockler

Chairman Laureate

William Stockler founded the International Law Firms (ILF) in 1996 and became ILF President from the said year till January of 2005. He received his BA Hons. in Law from Jesus College, Oxford and practiced in two major City of London firms before establishing his own law office. He became a solicitor of the United Kingdom (UK) Supreme Court in July 1969 and qualified as Solicitor Advocate (Civil) in April 1999. He appeared as advocate in major courts of UK, France, Germany and the European Court of Justice, Luxembourg. He was the first UK-born solicitor in Germany in 1973.

William became senior partner of William Stockler & Co., Stockler Charity and Stockler Brunton in 1980-2012. His area of practice is primarily on commercial civil litigation and insolvency law.

Currently, he is a consultant of the Cubism Law and Chairman Laureate of ILF.