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  • 5 Sep 2019 4:05 PM
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    “Time for class! Let’s get back to the seats and give a warm welcome to our lecturer Mr. James Peng”. PW & Partners celebrates its 7th birthday in a classroom with all fellows as James Peng began his lecture.

    “Good morning, everyone. Today’s lecture will be themed at Stories of A 7-year & A 5-year.

    A Commitment of 7 Years

    Rome was not built in one day. Seven years ago, PW & Partners Law Firm was opened on a day when a big shower befell, a harbinger of a formidable journey. But PW & Partners has been joined incessantly by dream-packers. Beginning with 4 lawyers, PW & Partners has been treading its way through ups and downs and grown into a team of 22 professional lawyers with summoned courage and perseverance. PW & Partners will not be what it is today without insisting its hope and weathering in struggles. 

    Back in 2012, James Peng’s dream was to build a happy lawyer team and achieve their pursuit in legal business along. Seven years later, the dream has come true, according to James Peng. 

    Later in summer of 2017, PW & Partners has been moved near the Pearl River. Since then, “all PW & Partners associates, with a shared goal, put honesty and justice in their legal practice to live up to their values and achieve a warm team”. This is the philosophy every PW & Partners member follows to shoulder the mission of “providing an optimal solution for clients with legal intellect” and exercise a shared value that “protecting the interests of clients is the supreme responsibility” to fulfill the vision of “putting PW& Partners in the lists of world-class, fine law firms”.

    Five Years in Youth

    Ozzie, an associate of PW & Partners, is the protagonist of the five-year story. He has been growing and progressing with PW & Partners in the past five years after finishing his postgraduate study. In these five years, Ozzie has been always placing first the business of PW & Partners and its clients with industriousness, perseverance and optimism to achieve more than what clients require as well as go beyond his ability. His legal practice is always embedded with PW & Partners’ culture of integrity, responsibility, and mutual benefits, which wins over the trust and acknowledgement from clients and his fellows. 

    The upcoming years will mark the 5th, 7th or even 10th year that more PW & Partners members spend with the team. One day, undoubtedly, we will become what we have been venerating and valuing. The spirit and faith that PW & Partners associates delivered is to be passed down to the future generation.

    Happy birthday to PW & Partners!Its story is destined to be a long-lasting one. We look forward to sharing more stories in next class... 

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