LJT Lawyers LLP


Country: Canada
City: Montreal
Webpage: www.ltj.ca 

Relevant practices
Buisiness, mergers and aquisitions, Communications and Maeting, Real estate and co-ownership, Labor and employment law, Taxation, Construction and financing, Civil, commercial, and family litigation, Insurance, Professionnal liability, Intellectual Property, Protection of personal information, privacy and access to information, Estates, Technologies

Short description of the firm
For more than 40 years, our team members
have supported their clients in their business projects, many of which have helped shape the Quebec economy. Rich in these experiences, we have developed cutting-edge expertise, intimate knowledge of the main economic players and solid business intelligence in several sectors of activity.

Our approach is simple: we know your reality and know how to adapt our services to your needs. Focused on results, we consider the nature of your industry and the particular context of our client’s business. Our team will accompany our clients throughout the different phases of the evolution of their company, in Quebec and internationally.

We offer an integral strategic legal vision in order to be more efficient and thus save time and money. Supported by teams specialized in various practice areas such as business law and acquisitions, taxation, technology and intellectual property, financing, civil, commercial and family litigation, estates, real estate, co-ownership, construction, marketing communications and trademarks.

Founded in 1979, the firm now has more than fifty legal professionals and more than a hundred employees.

Main Contact

Olivier Lessard

E-mail: olivier.lessard@ljt.ca
Phone: 514-842-8891