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Country: China

City: Guangzhou


Relevant practices
Cross-border Legal Services, Corporate and Investment, Employment and Human Resources, Intellectual Property, State-owned Enterprises and Assets, Anti-monopoly and Anti-unfair Aompetition, Data and Information Compliance and Protection, Compliance System Construction and Certification, and Dispute Resolution, Fund and Investment, FMCG, Manufacturing, Engineering and Infrastructure Construction, Education and Healthcare, Technology and Internet, etc.

Short description of the firm
Located in the Zhujiang New Town CBD of Guangzhou, the hub city of the Guangdong – Hong Kong – Macau Greater Bay Area, PW & Partners Law Firm commits to providing clients with commercial legal services.

Our firm specializes in cross-border legal services, and is deeply involved in the legal fields of corporate and investment, employment and human resources, intellectual property, state-owned enterprises and assets, anti-monopoly and anti-unfair competition, data and information compliance and protection, compliance system construction and certification, and dispute resolution, etc. We also focus on the sectors of fund and investment, FMCG, manufacturing, engineering and infrastructure construction, education and healthcare, technology and internet, etc.

Elites gather at our firm – we have a number of senior lawyers at home and abroad with government and corporate work experience. We also employ well-known legal experts at home and abroad as consultants. At the same time, our firm has set up a research institute to provide real-time research and cutting-edge theoretical support for legal practice.

Lawyers at PW & Partners always provide clients with high-quality and reliable legal services with a high degree of professionalism.

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James Peng & Ada Wang